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Collaborators include groups, people or companies Supercell or a member of Supercell worked together with.

Name of Collaborators/Collaborated Product[]


Chelly (singer)[]

One of two singers who were chosen among 2,000 candidates to be the guest vocalist after Nagi. Currently 25-years-old, Chelly's most notable song in the present is "Depatures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~", which was the first ending theme of the anime Guilty Crown.

Dixie Flatline ("Sekiranun Graffiti / Fallin' Fallin' Fallin'" Album)[]

His nickname being ジェミニの人(Jemini no Hito; The Person of Gemini), he is skillful in composing relaxing electronica ballads, hip-hop, and R&B. Collaborating with Supercell on couple occasions, he's created multiple songs for Vocaloids, including "Gemini" for Kagamine Rin/Len and "Just be Friends" for Megurine Luka.



Miku Hatsune[]

The famed voice synthesizer of the Japanese pop music culture, Miku Hatsune is known for being the Virtual World Diva. Made from an encoded voice synthesizer equipped with her own personality, appearance and character, many treats her as if she's a real music star. She has had many official releases of songs, with many other releases by online music producers, such as Supercell.

Kazuto Nakazawa (Utakata Hanabi PV)[]

Koeda (singer)[]

One of two singers who were chosen among 2,000 candidates to be the guest vocalist after Nagi. Currently 18-years-old, Koeda's most notable song in the present is "My Dearest", which was the first opening theme of the anime Guilty Crown.

Kz of Livetune ("Kotchi Muite Baby / Yellow" Album)[]

Kz, of the doujin band Livetune, started this band in 2007 with one other person, Kajuki P. But Kajuki P left in March 2009, as he moved to work in CAPCOM. In the present, Kz is the only member of Livetune, and still sings under that name, currently famous for vocaloid singles such as "Star Story", "Packaged" and most of all: "Tell Your World".


Nagi Yanagi/Gazelle (singer/song-writer)[]

Nagi Yanagi is a popular singer and songwriter who is now signed to Geneon. Previously, she started out her singing career by posting cover versions of popular songs on the internet back in 2005. In late 2007, under the nickname Gazelle, she submitted cover songs to Nico Douga as an utaite. Being a fan of Supercell's Ryo's songs, Nagi contacted Ryo and this resulted in her collaboration with Supercell starting 2009. Her last known collaboration with Supercell was in mid-2011, when she moved onto singing solo.



Notable "Collaborators"[]

Choucho (ちょちょ) []

A notable NicoDouga utaite ever since 2007, Choucho covered many Vocaloid songs, especially the popular ones such as "World is Mine" and "Just Be Friends". Now signed into Lantis. In 2011, she sung the opening of the anime Kamisama no Memochou and Mashiro-iro Symphony and contributed to a character song on Mirai Nikki's first "Mirai Nikki Inspired Album" as one of Yuno Gasai's image songs.


A vocalist and also a NicoDouga utaite, Halyosy is known for covering multiple Vocaloid and anime songs. He has also composed some of his own songs, such as "Sakura no Ame"(2008) and "Smiling"(2009), with the three-men music group "absorb" which he was once in. Before the band disbanded in 2010, "absorb" performed "Sakura no Ame" for a high school graduation, which made the song popular again.