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A more detailed description might say SUPERCELL’s sound is mainstream, radio-oriented, Alternative-Rock rooted in “old school Pop” w/ a trace of current Modern Rock mixed in for good measure. Citing influences like Motley Crue, Stone Temple Pilots & Linkin Park singer Jason Wheelington, guitarists Shannon Nedved & Mark Sims, bassist Nick Holmes and drummer Moonshine collectively meld together other influences too that range from Madonna, U2 and Guns n’ Roses to Our Lady Peace, Chevelle and Hoobastank; ultimately creating a truly original sound that will leave you yearning for more. SUPERCELL’s live shows always resonate with an intensity that leaves the audience hoarse, sweaty and smiling and given that propensity for powerful live performances, combined with the mass-market appeal of their infectious musical hooks, it is no wonder SUPERCELL has shared the stage with major artists of multiple musical genres (Hoobastank, Bowling for Soup, Evanescence, John Mellancamp, Sheryl Crow, Fuel, Something Corporate, Three Days Grace and many others).
Music reviewer Andrew Ellis, of, says “SUPERCELL could justifiably claim to be one of the best unsigned rock bands in the U.S.” Factor in the band members’ light-hearted attitudes and on-air ease behind the microphone and it’s easy to see why the band fast-became regular guests on KDGE 102.1 FM’s “The Morning Edge”. Whether it’s a FM jock an online fanzine or even an award-winning film Producer the buzz about SUPERCELL keeps getting louder and louder and many expect SUPERCELL to be a staple of the American Rock music scene for some time to come. Look for SUPERCELL in theaters as well, as they were handpicked by Academy Award winning film Producer Curt Johnson to be included in the feature film “West Memphis Three” (2005), as well as the indie documentary Michael Moore Hates America (2004). Additionally, SUPERCELL has also been a Budwesier True Music band, since Summer 2004, when they were selected as one of only 2 rock bands to represent the Dallas/Ft. Worth market.
Supercell ceased to exist effective as of December 2005. The band members, minus lead singer Jason Wheelington, formed Miser as the successor to Supercell.
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