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Hatsune Miku(or Miku Hatsune) is a computer-generated singer from Vocaloid. She is created by Crypton. Her codename CV01 stands for Character Voice 01. She was the first member of the Character Vocal Series. Hatsune Miku is the second Vocaloid to be created by Vocaloid02, and the seventh Vocaloid created in all. She is voiced by voice actress Saki Fujita.


Hatsune Miku's appearance includes a sleeveless shirt, somehow attached to her skirt, black tights, turquoise hair tied into twintails, turquoise eyes, shoes with stubby heels( the soles are outlined with turquoise), nailes painted turquoise, plus the 01 tatoo on the part below the shoulder. She is about 158 cm tall, a bit short for a 16 year old girl. Hatsune Miku's theme color are turquoise, because her illustrator, KEI, was requested to draw a Miku with the colors blue and green. ( Blue and green makes turquoise, so yeah.) Since KEI didn't know how to create Miku with the colors blue and green, it took him about a month to create the andriod. For her hair, KEI tried out many hair styles for Miku, and found pigtails( or twintails) was best for her hair with Kachita Spell.


Hatsune Miku's name was created that way because of Cryton's idea to release Miku as a "android diva in the near-future world where songs are lost." Hatsu, first. Ne, sound. Miku, future. Then her name means, " The first sound of the future."


Hatsune Miku has inspired the Japanese company, SEGA, to create the game Project Diva. They created a whole series of them, some including Project Diva F, Project Diva Arcade, Project Diva PC, and others. Apparently, the game is a rhythm game, and you play the game by pressing buttons to the beat. There are levels that includes Easy, Normal, Hard, and in Project Diva F, there is level Extreme. In Project Diva PC, there is a level Die!. After making the games, Miku and her other fellow Vocaloids (Kagamine Rin/Len,Megurine Luka,MEIKO, KEIKO,etc.)became an official mascot for SEGA.(Also note that some of the Project Diva games can be seen as an playthrough on YouTube or NicoNico.)


Here is a list of songs that Hatsune Miku had sung. You can edit this page to help with this list.

  • 1.World is Mine
  • 2.Melt
  • 3.Electric Angel
  • 4. Chain Girl
  • 5.Secret Police
  • 6. Sweet Devil
  • 7. Black Rock Shooter
  • 8. Magnet( duet with Megurine Luka)
  • 9. World's End Dance hall(Megurine Luka)
  • 11.Rin-Chan Nau!( Megurine Luka)
  • 12.The Snow White Princess Is...
  • 13.Cat Food
  • 14. Hello, Planet
  • 15.StargazeR
  • 16.Ievan Polkka
  • 17. Tell Your World
  • 18.Nyanyanyanyanyanyan!
  • 19.Chain Girl
  • 20.Rolling Girl
  • 21.Weekender Girl
  • 22.Ievan Polkka
  • 23.Romeo and Cinderella
  • 24.Starduster
  • 25. I'll Make You Miku-Miku-ed
  • 26.The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku
  • 27.The Intense Singing Passion of Hatsune Miku
  • 28.Two-Faced Lovers
  • 29. Out Of The Gravity
  • 30. ODDS&ENDS
  • 31. Line Art
  • 32. Hope
  • 33. Strobe Lights

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