This page is about the supercell member, Redjuice.


Redjuice, also known as Shiru on pixiv and twitter, is a professional illustrator, graphic designer, character designer and is part of the eleven member band supercell.

Debut as an artist and joining Supercell

Redjuice, by his real name Tomoyuki Yamasaki, was born on May 16th 1976 in Shibuya, Japan. He always liked drawing as a child but he never thought that he would end up being a professional illustrator. Like many of the artists his age, he found inspiration in popular shounen manga like Dragonball. He started scribbling on scrap paper and such and that's how he discovered his passion for drawing. Like most of today's popular artists, redjuice started getting noticed on art sharing websites like pixiv. He said that before he joined pixiv, he wasn't really known at all, but when he did, his views boomed to millions. "The internet is an awesome place," he said. With his rising popularity, redjuice started to get noticed in the professional world and he joined supercell after the recommendation of Shirow Miwa, another supercell member. Since he joined supecell when it was still a vocaloid music band, redjuice worked on vocaloid PVs when he first started, his major work being the original World Is Mine PV wich currently has over six million views on the popular japanese videosharing website, NicoNicoDouga, mostly know as NicoNico or NN.  

Guilty Crown and Supercell going professional

Getting more and more popular, in 2011 redjuice got hired to make the original character designs of the popular anime "GUILTY CROWN" -(official website (japanese) wikia(english))- and ryo was chosen to compose the songs for the anime. The anime originally had a fictional band, "EGOIST", who's songs were also composed by ryo. The anime being popular, even after its end, EGOIST continued making songs and even put out a few albums and all of their covers were illustrated by redjuice. Koeda, at that time was supercell's vocalist and Chelly was providing the singing voice of the fictional character Yuzuriha Inori, EGOIST's main vocalist. The songs mainly used were:

  • My Dearest, by supercell
  • Euterpe, by EGOIST 
  • The Everlasting Guilty Crown, EGOIST
  • Departures ~Anata ni Okuru ai no Uta, EGOIST
  • Kokuhaku, supercell                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

At that time supercell stopped producing VOCALOID music and focused on "real life" singers, but ryo continued to illustrate his albums using their illustrator's drawings. But, redjuice didn't stop drawing vocaloids and he has still produced album covers for the well known vocaloid producer, KZ, also known as LIVETUNE.

Other Information                                         

redjuice always praised the internet for making him who he is. He said that to get to were he is, he had to draw constantly during 10 years and that during those 10 years he spent 50 000 hours on his tablet. He also says that he earns more as a graphic designer than a character designer and illustrator but that he still enjoys drawing. He is also the illustrator for the light novel "BEATLESS"( official website (japanese)).

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